Thursday, January 28, 2016

Pre Last Pre Caucus Debate Thought Bubble

With the Iowa Caucuses only a few days away we are nearing the end of what some refer to as the "silly season" of American electoral politics as we begin the long, sometime brutal, often media over-saturated road to the upcoming elections in November.  However, as with a lot of the silliness leading to now the last few days has to have a massive belch of stupidity that we can't escape from.

The time around it's GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump's refusal to appear at tonight's Republican Presidential Debate on Fox News, claiming he wouldn't be treated fairly.  On the surface it appears silly enough but when one factors in his long running feud with Fox News show personality Megyn Kelly it becomes apparent that his not appearing (and refusal to do so) seems fueled by a mix of implied misogyny and a massively over-inflated sense of privilege from someone too often used to getting everything he wants.

While time will tell whether this benefits the Donald or blows up in his face, it should seem apparent that someone willing to be this thin skinned on the issue might not be the best person to run the last remaining superpower.  Much of his followers seem to be blindly sticking with him even after his claim last week that he could shoot somebody and not lose a single vote. Add to this his refusal to apologize for a number of comments that can be seen as racist and misogynistic as well as his willingness to support the most extreme positions of the American right wing and you get a glimpse of someone maintaining his popularity by appealing to the worst elements of its populace. Even with a race where many predicted he would get bored and quit it's

While his boycott of tonight's debate is a risky move those thinking it could strike a blow may find that Trump will still remain popular to his base.