Monday, October 7, 2019

The Mad Fuhrer of Mar-A-Lago in the fall fun movie...BEACH BLANKET IMPEACHMENT!!!

Wow!  The last two weeks have been a ride.

If you asked me before then what the chances would be that the Mad Fuhrer of Mar-A-Lago (also known as electoral vote winner Donny) would face anything near an impeachment inquiry much less any chance of impeachment,I would've been skeptical.  Because while he's committed more than his share3 of what could be considered high crimes an misdemeanors the Democratic Party leadership always seemed gun shy, almost dismissive of calls for impeachment from Rep. Maxine Waters and later the four freshman Congresswomen known as the Squad (Rashida Talib, Ayanna Pressely, Ilhan Oman, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez).  When asked why the party leadership usually spouted a variation of a theme that mixed some truth (no President was ever removed from office by impeachment) with speculation (the public wouldn't approve.voters might go further to Donny) and a mix of the two (the Repub controlled Senate would never let it happen).  However, as news of the Mad Fuhrer's phone call with the Ukranian prime minister got leaked the sort of scandal that normally went away whenever Donny and company did something beyond the pale seemed to not take hold this time.  This was even further made clear when a summary of the phone found the electoral vote winner apparently ask for the new leader of the Ukraine to dig up dirt on former vice presdient (and perceived political rival) Joe Biden.  Still, even as the Mueller Report (or what the DOJ under Atty General Billy Barr allowed to not be redacted slowly got some interest in impeachment, the Democratic leadership in the House was reluctant. 

However, as more became known it became increasingly clear that something was up that needed to be addressed.  Still, when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry would happen I was honestly surprised.  As more details come out it makes one wonder why it took this long. 

As for the Mad Fuhrer of Mar-A-Lago himself, he's issuing his usual mix of smears and denials while the Repub politicians keep their distance, preferirng their hold on power to the interests of truth, much less interest of the country they're supposed to serve.  As he ramps up claims of treason towards his opponents who are doing what they're allowed to do under the Constitution, Donny's fans and minions are still rallying around him publicly, even as news reports filter out claiming they're scared in private. 

For now this journey can take any number of directions.  What is apparent at this time though is that the impeachment beach party isn't going away any time in the near future.  Time will tell what happens but things are getting scary and humorous at the same time.