Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Winter Soldier 2008

Last weekend something unexpected happened. Veterans and active duty soldiers who served in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan spoke of their experiences at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD. Dubbed Winter Soldier (modeled after the Vietnam Veterans Against the War event of the same name in 1971), the event meant to bring about awareness of what most Americans havent' heard about "Operation Iraqi Freedom" and the horrors that they faced while serving there.

If you didn't know this happened, don't be surprised. The mainstream media pretty much ignored the meeting or its intended purpose. Caught up in the election news, a bad economy, and the fallout from the Elliot Spitzer sex scandal, many Americans seem more willing to tune out the news and focus on their own lives. The pundits would rather focus on supposed "experts" rather than the words of many of the people who saw the reality of this war. With the exception of Democracy Now and some web sites, the American media pretty much pretended it never happened.

It's sad really. When the current war started, the government told us we had all that weneeded to know about how it happened. However, when we need to know the truth, those forces who are supposed to clue us in are caught not doing their job.

If you're interested in learning more about the latest Winter Soldier, Democracy Now has some great coverage of the event. (The main page right now has links to th elast several days of stories as well as audio of the programs.)

Some readers may disagree with me on why this is important. That's your perogative, but at least find out more about it.

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