Monday, December 22, 2008

Does Rick Warren Have A Role In This Too?

Yes, like many people, I was taken aback by President Obama wanting Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration (why are we having clergy at these things anyway, but I digress), creating a possible slap in he face between Warren's support for Prop 8 (which banned gay marriages in CA) and the people in the LGBT community that helped him get in office. While some said that Prop 8 wouldn't cancel those already married, it looks like we spoke too soon. Now they're trying to nullify already existing marriages. While I sincerely hope that Rev. Warren isn't involved with this, why do I have a feeling he wouldn't oppose it

This is problematic for one huge reason: it gives the state the power to decide which marriages are allowed to exist. If this is allowed, then what lies ahead? Would interracial marriages be next? Would the far right try to stop companies from allowing benefits to non married couples? Supporters of Prop 8 and similar foolish bills and laws claims marriage is supported in the Bible. However, while many of these people claim to be social conservatives who want less government intrusion when it comes to personal issues they want the state to play God.

Just frustrating. Hopefully we get our heads on straight and move forward from this step back.

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