Friday, October 28, 2011

Music PIck for All Hallows Eve

Hey! I know we're living in bizarre and tense times. However, with Halloween coming this MOnday, I wanted to clue you in on some spooky tuneage. So, here's our Halloween Holiday music pick.


I know this had been out since last year but there are a couple of reasons that I waited unti now to review it. First up is the usual excuse: my backlog pile takes time to get through and it would've been well about said day before I got to it. Then there's forgetting this CD when I temporarily moved to KC for a short term job so I couldn't get to it then. Add to this a rough as hell 2010 personally and you have an idea. However, since ALl Hallows Eve is this weekend (give or take a day), there's no better time to review this than the present.

The Destructors offer up a batch of stright for the throat punk and HC full of loud relatively fast power chords and a ton of attitude. However, while the band has experimented with horror and gore themes in the past, this time they aim squarely for it and embrace it. Songs about surviving in a horror film, monsters, zombies, the undead, et al make up this Halloween themed disc along with covers of the Ramones classic "Pinhead" and Dead Kennedys' "Halloween" thrown in for good measure. This is raw music that suits the darker themes while allowing some humor and a bit of tongue in cheek attitude to pop through (they have a song about wanting to dig up Elvis on here). It's rough but a fairly fun listen for this Holiday time.

The only down side to this (for us American fans at least) is the struggle to look for it, which for some means getting the download. However, this is well worth the cost and should help make for a veeerrrrrry scarrrrryyy Haloween weekend.


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