Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Little Debate That Wasn't

In the midst of the American primary race it can appear that people have forgotten that we have to get along after the conventions and elections.  However, while things can get heated sometimes it can be helpful to enjoy the little delights that happen to us. Or, in this case the little delight that didn't happen.

I'm talking about the press ballyhoo over whether Donald Trump would debate Bernie Sanders. a week or so back  Started from an off the cuff comment on the Jimmy Kimmel show where ztrump said he'd "love to debate Bernie," it' quickly grew steam when Bernie went ahead and took him up on it.

Almost instantly Clinton supporters and the mainstream media acted as if the sky was falling.  Many claimed this would only hurt Hillary Clinton and help Drumpf.  Some sources suggested that the Donlad was only joking.  Almost immediately Trump backed out, then claimed he'd do it if Sanders raised $10 million dollars for a "woman's health charity."  Then, when online news network The Young Turks offered $1 million and a couple of tech firms offered up $20 million in total, Donald Trump backed out claiming it wasn't right to debate the "second place finisher."

Does anyone else think Hillary Clinton should view this as the best primary election gift ever short of Trump being endorsed by Martin Shkreli(which happened shortly after this broke)?

Think about it - for a man like the Donlad who claims to never back down and tells it like it is this opens the door for a shitload of campaign ads and debate comments.  Some in the media think Trump would gain ammunition if he debated Bernie.  The mainstream media and many average people differ wildly on this.  A lot of people I know pretty much agree that if Donald trump chickened out of facing Bernie Sanders, how the hell will he be able to face Putin.  If former Senator and Secretary of State Clinton is as politically astute as her supporters claim she is she should already have this ready to use for ammo - and ready to pounce fifty ways to Sunday with it whenever and whereever necessary.

I know in the big picture this is only a small part.  However, it should put a smile on the face of anyone who wanted proof that the man his followers claim will always fight will back away when facing a smarter opponent. 

That's it for now.  Back to the daily grind.

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