Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nine or Ten Days to Go....The Election Commentary (Comey Edition)

So we're in the last week and a couple days until the 2016 election and the end of this stage of our national nightmare (remember it could be extended if certain factors such as Trump not conceding if he loses happens, for example).  With that in mind let's take a look at the race.

First, let's tackle the obvious - the letter to the Congress over returning to the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.  At this point in time it could go either way.  However, with news filtering out that FBI Director James Comey reportedly went against Dept of Justice policy in regards to possibly affecting an election in the last 60 days as well as notifying Congress and releasing a letter to the media when he didn't even have a warrant yet and it;s understandable that some may see it as trying to regain favor with fellow Republicans if not trying to tilt the election to Trump.  That, however, is conjecture at this time. 

What we do know is that this is over an investigation into former Sen. Anthony Weiner and whether or not he sexted an underage girl (which is where these supposed e-mails were found - on his computer that his wife, Clinton campaign official Huma Abdein used on occasion).  We know these e-mails didn't come from Clinton's now infamous private server.  We don't know whether the e-mails have anything that's incriminating - or even have anything to do with Clinton herself.  I even read that this may be over as few as three e-mails. 

The announcement by Comey did invigorate the Donald Trump campaign, giving them an ounce of hope in the final stretch as well as taking the heat off a candidate who has in the past few weeks had 12 women come forward claiming he sexually assaulted them as well as several women claiming he sexually harassed them (not to mention the upcoming civil trial involving allegations of child rape).  It has also put the spotlight on Clinton at a critical time. 

Will this affect a large swath of voters?  By this point a very small amount are still undecided (and I have a feeling a good chunk of those are divided between Clinton or Stein or trump vs Johnson).  Where people think this may have an impact is on those undecided voters.  In the final stretch this is uncertain (especially given that there's still final polls to take into account), but it's hard to tell at this stage.

Did Comey reveal this merely out of concern for transparency or to effect the election is still a looming question.  He could've even done it just to cover his own ass.  Yes, if he waited until he had the warrant it could gained him criticism in hindsight but even with a no win situation, this could come back to bite him career wise.  Time will tell on this one.

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