Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Protect Net Neutrality

As early as tomorrow, the FCC will hold a vote that could end the principle of Net Neutrality as we know it.  Currently, ISP's have to treat all websites the same but if Net Neutrailty is abolished what's to keep them from favoring one site over another? From smaller news and political sites being pushed aside in favor of large multimedia sites to the possibility of websites being slowed down for various reasons, there is a real danger.

This is expecially true when it comes to music and musicians as smaller labels and band websites could get blocked from a local by an ISP in favor of sites they themselves may have a stake in. 

A number of organizations froincluding (but definitely not limited to) the ACLU to the Electronic Freedom Foundation to Futureof Music Fondation are spekaing up to defend the principle that Internet Service Providers have to treat all websites fairly in terms of access.  For those wanting to speak out in favor of net neutrailty check out the following and make your voice heard.

Remeber this affects all of us.  Even in the midst of the chaos regarding election chicanery, the Russians, and voter suppression plans.  This still matter so speak up.

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