Monday, October 13, 2008

Only 22 Days 'Til The Election!!

Yes it's only 22 days until the election. I know it seems like the campaigns have gone on forever but it's only been finalized for a little over a month. For most people the choice is between Obama and McCain (despite there being five candidates for president if one factors in Bob Barr (L), Ralph Nader (I), and Cynthia McKinney (Green)). The debate is Wednesday and if the performance of the last two is any indication, McCain's in for a rough ride. As for Obama, aside from the fact he should be thanking the memory of Shirley Chisholm's 1972 campaign on a daily basis, seems to be in the lead. However, given the GOP theft of the last two Presidential elections, I have to say anything is possible - and that's truly a scary thought.

What is needed on a national level is adopting the Instant Runoff Voting (advocated by the Green party and used in several other countries) which would allow for people to vote the first choice as well as several others for each post. Yes the vote counts would take longer, but I think more people might go to the polls if they knew they could vote their conscience. As for those in the two sides of the one party system current in charge, you'd still benefit since your candidates would be many of the third party candidates' second or third choice. Sadly, November 4th won't have this so people will still be fretting over who they vote for.

So what's ahead? In the past I'd have an idea from looking at the polls. However, things have been so topsy turvy the last couple of election cycles that it can't be known until November 5th - if then. Here's hoping the change is for the better.

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