Monday, October 13, 2008


NOTE; I normally don't use the blog to do CD reviews. However, given the timeliness of this release, I felt it would be good to make an exception.

TED LEO & THE PHARMACISTS - Rapid Response download EP

Many people in this country were shocked an appalled by the police response to protestors during the Republican convention in St. Paul back in August, especially the arrest and attacks by police on journalists. Upon learning of what was going down, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists decided to respond - producing this EP in the process. The first two songs are original tracks written for this release kicking off with the rousing rocker "Paranoia's Never Enough" detailing the police repression in St. Paul. "Mourning in America," the other original song, addresses the ugly specter of racism as an election issue. Rounding this off is a cover of Cocksparrer's "I Got your Number" and a version of Amebix' "Nobody's Driving" performed solo with Ted's own take on the HC/proto grind anthem.

Recorded and released quickly, the sound quality is a little rough. However, it is fitting given the circumstances around us that this download isn't the most slickly produced (it's more punk if it isn't). Only available from T&G, thew proceeds benefit tow organizations worthy of support: Food Not Bombs and Democracy Now.

Get it at touchandgo

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