Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's Only Got Two Months To Fuck Up The World

On November 4, 2008 the American people voted in record numbers that led to the election of Barack Obama as the nation's 44th President. While Obama's election certainly makes history with him being both the first African American (a term more literal given his father was from Kenya and his mother was from Kansas, making him also the first biracial) president of this land it sometimes can be hard to keep in mind that he's now the President-elect and his term doesn't actually begin until January 20, 2009. Thus, it's easy to forget that for a couple months we still have George W. Bush to deal with. And he's gonna leave his mark long after he's gone back to Texas (and yes, Texans, you have to take him back).

Whether it's bypassing privacy laws in regards to homeland security or relaxing environmental regulations to allow uranium mining near the Colorado River, Bush seems hellbent on carving his legacy in stone and having them take effect before Obama's inauguration (before 60 days and he could stop them from going into effect). The Bush administration also appears to push socialized banking further with a bailout on top of the $700 billion bailout Congress and Bush proposed a couple of months ago. Add to this the environmental gutting laws Dubya passed during his first term (remember the Healthy Forests Initiative, for example) going into full effect in the next couple of years, and we have a situation where one leaders foolish legacy may have plans to take his successors down with him. Some sources I've come across report Bush and company plan an orgy of deregulation to go into effect before leaving office. There's also the possibility of the banks helping to gut the treasury even more before January 20th. Currently it's too early to tell whether he plans to pushing a neocon social agenda into law under our noses (and using the lame duck lack of interest) before his term ends, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Why is he doing this? I have no idea. Reportedly, his approval rating is now lower than Nixon. He has to has some idea that these actions will make him less popular with the American people. Is this some weirdass plan to help bring forth the Rapture so hm and his fellow conservative so-called christians will go to heaven and laugh at those left behind? I'm not being flippant here - I really want to know why he wants to fuck up this damn bad. Usually the final days in office are basically not newsworthy, except for those last minute pardons (who wants to bet that Duke Cunningham and Ted Stevens both get pardoned by old Shrub). Dubya wants to use the lack of interest to push the country further into the shit.

Time is of the essence for George W. Bush. He's only got 69 days to fuck up the world, so he has to sink to new lows. The rest of us will have to clean up his goddamn mess after he leaves office. Here's hoping he doesn't go for totally batshit crazy in the last couple days.

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