Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Can't Believe It!!!!!

It doesn't take a genius or an expert on U.S. policy to realize that the various people in the Bush administration have largely thumbed their noses at the law and the Constitution with regularly over the past eight years to face no consequences for their actions. Thus, I think many people (including myself) have gotten used to (though extremely fucking angry about) the fact that Dubya, Cheney and company will screw this country over and get away with no punishment. Imagine my shock when I learned a day or so ago that vice president Dick The Dick Cheney and former attorney general Alberto "Double Lie Gonzo" Gonzalez have been indicted by a grand jury in Texas.

The state charges relate to Cheney and Gonzalez' connection to a company running a privately run prison and allegations of prisoner abuse. While a very small thing compared to the war related atrocities the Bush administration has tainted our country with for most of the last eight years, I think many people are trying to pick their jaws up off the floor over the idea that Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez were charged with anything at all. How will this case pan out? I have no idea. Odds are Dick the Dick and Double Lie Gonzo will find a way to weasel out of this, but I hope they don't. It would be nice to see a karmic payback of sorts with these two having to take responsibility for something bad they were connected with.

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