Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NH Primary Is Today (Two Down, A Hell of a Lot More to Go)

Hey!  Sorry for not posting sooner but I had been busy with other things in my life and hadn't been able to post until now,

So today is the New Hampshire Primary for both the Republicans and Democrats.  While the results are far from certain, if polls are to be believed then it appears the winners this time around will be Bernie Sanders for the Dems and Donald Trump for the GOP.  Again, the polling places are far from closed so the actual outcome could very well be different but that's what's predicted.

In truth, it appears the race itself is getting to be more the story than the actual primaries and caucuses for both of the major parties.  Between three candidates dropping out within 72 hours of the Iowa caucus and the heated battle between the Donald and Ted Cruz (including the former mock chastising a woman for calling Cruz a pussy only to repeat what she said at a rally last night) it has taken the right wing's tendency to wrap themselves in the Bible while supporting all sorts of shit Jesus would supposedly never do in a million years and putting it on a speed binge for a creepiness (the "vulgar insult" was invoked over whether Ted Cruz supports waterboarding or not) that would've scared people across the political spectrum in the U.S. 25 years ago.  Add to this Ted Cruz's victory speech for winning Iowa sounding like he already won the election in a way so pompous that he manages to make himself even less likable and one side of the spectrum is heading for a scary nine months.,

On the Democratic Party side, Martin O'Malley's departure on the night of the Iowa caucus leaves just Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the ring.  It has also made the race real in a political sense as the civil tone seems to fade away as the typical race with Clinton accusing Sanders of using an "artful smear" against her by claiming her as part of the Establishment and her accepting speaking feed from Wall Street firms.  She even tried to claim that Sanders accepted Wall Street money via the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for his Senate campaign, imply that every cent of that is from Wall Street.  All the while Clinton claiming that her speaking to wall Street firms didn't affect her vote, even if  there may be evidence that claims otherwise.

Add to this Bill Clinton increasing the heat on the attacks in a similar way he did against Barack Obama in the 2008 race and that leaves us with a more typical political race than the just short of something that made an episode of Mr. Rogers seem angry feel of the early Democratic primary debates.

There are some other factors to include but I feel I should leave that in a separate post.

This leaves us to the primary election today.  While at the time of my typing this in, the results may be somewhat clear it's important to remember that we're still in the beginning stages of the long race to November and nothing should be taken for granted.

Regardless of the outcome, the long crazy ride will continue.

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