Monday, February 29, 2016

Super Tuesday -No You Can't Escape It- It'll Conquer the News

In only a few hours Super Tuesday will be upon us.

Tomorrow will be primary or caucus day for both Democrats and Republicans in (in no particular order) Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Minnesota, Georgia, Virginia and Tennessee.  In addition Republicans in Alaksa and Democrats in American Samoa will caucus that day.

Many are predicting that Trump and Clinton will be the conquering victors for their respective parties with some predicting doom for VT Sen. Bernie Sanders.  While Hillary Clinton will likely win the southern states, Sanders will likely to get Vermont and is looking good in Massachusetts as well as a couple of swing states.  In addition, We're still in a race for delegate counts (not including superdelegates) so even if Sanders doesn't win it's possible for him to get some delegates in the states he doesn't win.  Add to this the fact that there are many states ahead to primary or caucus and, contrary to the mainstream media drumbeat, it's too soon to call it over. 

As for South Carolina, Sanders did lose badly.  However, surprises took his supporters when DNC vice chair Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI) resigned her position to support the Senator with Rep. Alan Grayson (D, FL) endorses Sanders today.  While these endorsements might have little effect on what happens tomorrow they might make a dent as the primary race continues (and there are still a lot of states ahead). While the push for young voters still needs to happen (though I wonder how many of them may be voting where their parents live and haven't had their primaries yet)  things are in a strange state. 

As for voting in the primaries, I don't do endorsements on primciple (maybe in part rooted from college activism lessons but who knows).  However, to riff on an idea attributed to the late Molly Ivins, if you can't vote your heart in the primaries and caucuses then when the hell can you do so?

As for tomorrow, while Trump will be declared the GOP winner (even despite his refusal/inability to disavow the support of David Duke and the KKK) and Clinton will be declared the Democratic victor what will happen with the delegate count is anyone's guess.  Regardless the story will continue. 

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