Monday, December 3, 2007

The Return of The Dawn of the Never Ending Campaign of the Forced Pregnancy Movment

Missouri is becoming a prime example of how scary a place can get when certain people refuse to listen to reason. First, Gov. Blunt (the man who wishes he was Shrub) initiaties a ridiculous task force on the effects of abortion that doesn't allow anybody who's pro choice on it, and now this.

The latest bill the forced pregnancy movement (most are them aren't really pro life so let's stop callign them that) is trying to put abortion rights as a ballot initiative.

This initiative, like the ones offered in most states, seems to be based on an idea that a woman who seeks an abortion doesn't know what she's doing and needs to be protected from herself. There's something that pisses me off about a group of people who think over the half the world's population aren't intelligent enough to make decisions regarding reproductive freedom and their own bodies.

For a group of people who often like to claim they want to get the government off our back, they sure seem hellbent on putting it everywhere else. Absolutely disgusting.

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