Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preventative Detention? WTF?

Many of you have at least probably read about President Obama's speech last week regarding a plan to shut down Gitmo. While he said a lot of good things, there was one chilling thing that deserved to be criticized. Part of his plan calls for "prolonged detention," which allows the government to detain someone without charges possibly indefinitely.

Scary shit, right? I think this deserves criticism regardless of who proposes it. Obama says it would only be used on those small minority of people held at Gitmo we can't try, but what's to keep the government from expanding it to everyday people (remember Dubya said they were only wiretapping suspected terrorists, but actually monitored all of us).

ONe of the better responses towards Obama's stance on reviving the military commissions and prolonged detentions came from WI Sen. Russell Feingold, who's letter to Obama is a must read.

I'll likely say more on this later, but this article should be a good starting point to get food for thought. Click on the link and read it.

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