Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Scary Times Are Never Dull - Swine/Spring Breaker Flu Brief

My apologies for not being around here the last couple months. There has been a lot on my mind to deal with and a short term job kept me busy. Thus, I had less time to go online than anticipated. So, just to ease in a bit, Let me hint at some things to think about that I've come across.

With swine flu being the big news story (though little is mentioned of how globalization plays into it) I came across this article mentioning North Con and whether it will end up in all this mess.

A lighter approach on this comes from my friend Channing, who brings up the Spring Break aspect of H1N1.

And now a piece on globalization and swine flu that's worth reading.

Many of you have probably already read these, but I thought they were worth linking to. I'll be back with other things to talk about soon. For now let's be aware but not jump to any conclusions - especially the fucked up racist ones.

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