Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From Indiana to West Virginia

Hey!  Sorry for the delay.  I was getting a print issue done and I had some housesitting over the weekend.  Also, like many of you I was trying to absorb what happened. 

A week ago today Indiana held primary elections for the Presidential race.  On the Democratic side, Sen. Bernie Sanders beat former Sen. (and former Sec. of State) Hillary Clinton 53%-47% (actually 52.7 to 47.3, but general rounding applies).  While this proved that Bernie Sanders still has some momentum and shouldn't be counted out yet, the real shake up was in the GOP race. 

Yes, I'm talking about presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Drumpf, I mean trump.

Trump was expected to win last week but few were expecting the aftermath.  For Ted Cruz, who called Indiana his "firewall" it was the writing on the wall.  Just after the election Cruz suspended his campaign, followed the next morning by John Kasich.  This was shocking given that I thought for sure Kasich would've left the race before the Cubadian.  In less than 24 hours a three person race dropped to just the Donald alone.  Since then the mainstream media has been trying to claim that Drumpf is acting more presidential but his habit of flip flopping and saying what he thinks the crowd wants to hear is still problematic as he heads towards the general election.

This leads us to today's primary in West Virginia.  While polls show Sanders ahead of Clinton, WV is one of those states whose Democratic party has received funds from the Clinton campaign.  While a few voices in the wilderness are concerned about fraud, it could go either way.  With only 29 delegates at stake a victory here is a slow burn more than an obvious attack so it might be more of a victory for morale as the Democrats head towards the convention in July. 

Still, some of the media is asking Sanders to drop out and let Clinton focus on Drumpf, I mean trump. However, I remember one of the blurbs at an early debate was Hillary Clinton telling Bernie Sanders that the President has to focus on more than one thing at a time.  Thus, she should be able to handle both Bernie Sanders and Drumpf. 

In any case, the shake up has brought more clarity and still shows that things are not carved in stone yet.  We're still have a while until the general.

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