Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Goodbye Dubya

In a few hours, President George W. Bush will give his final address to the nation before leaving office Tuesday (when Barack Obama actually becomes President and can drop the elect part of the title). Given the recent round of interviews (which for someone who claims not to care what others think seems like he's overcompensating) it'll probably be the usual round of self congratulation that's shown him to be an even more smug, self satisfied prick than he was eight years ago. I know it's the supposed death knells for the Bush II era but I'm still worried.

What if Dubya decides not to leave office and thinks a coup would be a good idea? I really hope this is just part of those paranoid nightmares everyone has once in a while but we forget about his 2000 statement on if it were a dictatorship.

Feel free to watch if you don't believe it.

The media played this as a joke. However, it did seem to answer a lot of questions about how he governed over the past eight years (hell, he made Nixon at his worst seem passable in comparison). However, how do we know he won't pull this shit?

I really really REALLY HOPE I'M WRONG about this. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope these really are the last four or so days of the George W. Bush presidency.

The Godbiscuit knows we can't afford to continue this.

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