Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What Should Be Next for Dubya

Yes, the end is here. AS I type this George W. Bush and his family have packed up and are all but ready to leave 1600 Pennsylvania Ave (i.e.: the White House) on their way to life as private citizens and 10 years of Secret Service protection (ironically, lifetime protection was ended by Congress in 1999 (a Republican congress, at that) with the last President to get such protection being Bill Clinton). Which leads us to the question of what should happen to the Bush administration post script.

Obama is facing pressure to press charges in regards to torture and war crimes. Bush is off to a house in an exclusive neighborhood in Dallas, TX. So what should the new administration do. I have my ideas on this, but when I came across this special comment from Keith Olbermann, I realized it says it better than I could.

It's quite a lot to take in, I admit. However, I hope it places things into the proper context. I know right now most people want to be hopeful and focus on the possible good ahead after the eight year long national nightmare. However, this issue has to be addressed. Here's hoping (with our help and encouragement, of course) that the Obama adminstration does the right thing - or at least works with the UN to do it if all else fails.

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